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*All fees are subject to and do not include HST

Membership Fees

From October to December 50% OR From January to April 70%

Membership Type Age Price
Full Any $493
Day Any $333
One Shift Any $285
Univeristy/Post-Secondary Full Time Student $232
Junior Active 12-21 $278
Junior Day 12-21 $139
Little Rock 6-11 $95
Associate Any $70

Mandatory Fees*
For all curlers there is a $7.00 - NBCA Fee
For all adult curlers there is a $25.00 - Capital Improvement Fee

Lockers are optional and available for all curlers. The cost of a locker for the season is $30.00

ONLY ONE DISCOUNT WILL BE APPLIED PER MEMBERSHIP. In the case where the member qualifies for more than one discount, the higher of the two discounts will be given:

1) Family Discounts*

a) 2 Full Members = $50.00 Discount

b) 1 Full Member & 1 Day/One Shift/Junior Active = $40.00 Discount

* All dues must be paid at the same time to qualify for family discounts

2) Age

a) Curlers aged 20-24 = $170 Discount on a Full Membership

b) Curlers aged 25-29 = $80 Discount on a Full Membership

3) New Members

a) New to curling or new to the CWC or 5 year absence curlers receive a 40% discount (Full Membership Only)

A) 1. Full Membership 2. University Membership 3. Junior Active Membership

These memberships include full access to days and/or evenings in all scheduled CWC league play. It also allows access to practice whenever ice is available.

B) Day Membership (Monday to Friday)

This membership allows the member to curl in league or during weekdays 9:00AM-5:00PM time period. It also allows access to practice when ice is available in that same time slot.

C) One Shift Membership
This membership allows the member to curl in one pre-designated shift per week. Practice on that designated day only if ice is available.

D) Junior Membership
This membership allows access to scheduled junior programs on Sunday from 2:30PM-5:00PM and also practices on Monday and Wednesday from 3:30PM-5:00PM when ice is available.

E) Little Rock Membership
This membership allows access to the scheduled Little Rock program on Sunday from 12:45PM-2:30PM only when ice is available.

F) Associate Membership
This membership allows access to all non-curling activities.


$8 (Member)/$12 (Non-member) per game

• All full memberships allow the holder to spare at ANY time.
• All one shift members, if a game has been cancelled or you have a bye, you are allowed to spare outside of your designated shift (only once) that week at no cost. If you choose to spare outside of your designated shift you are required to pay a sparing fee.
• If a non-club member wishes to spare, they are required to pay a sparing fee.
• Team skips must assure their spare pays these sparing fees, or they will be held responsible
* Spares in any category other than full memberships may not sign up, or play as a regular member of any team, in any league or draw.

Yearly Practice Fee- $153 + HST

This fee entitles access to the Capital Winter Club for practice time only. Times are on the practice board in ½ hour increments and sign up is necessary.
* All members are required to sign up for practice times. If you are not a member, or are outside your membership category, you must pay a practice fee or for a half hour of practice time or rent a sheet of ice.

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Upcoming Events

25 Nov 2017 : 12:00AM
Junior Mixed Doubles
01 Dec 2017 : 12:00AM
CWC Christmas Dinner & Auction
02 Dec 2017 : 12:00AM
NB Department of Public Safety Fundraiser
02 Dec 2017 : 07:00PM -
CWC Social & Funspiel
09 Dec 2017 : 12:00AM
CWC Little Rocks vs Gage Little Rocks