“Out turn In” Lounge

Second floor - Fully accessible

With CWC catering & bar (100+ guests) - No charge
230 people With CWC catering & bar (under 100 guests) - $200 + hst
With bar - $350 + hst
Without bar - $425 + hst

“Curling Rock Lounge”

Main level - Fully accessible
200 people With ice rentals/curling event - No charge
In off curling season – private event -  $200. + hst

Ice Shed

Large space available in off curling season -  $500 + hst
( May to September)

Curling Ice Rental

One hour and three quarters or two hours - $88.50 + hst
One hour rental - $44.25 + hst

All Curling Sheets

5 Sheets available - Call for Price
To avoid conflicts with other events -- call well in advance

Prices do not include hst
A 20 percent deposit must be placed at time of booking (minimum $100.00)
Deposit not refundable upon cancellation
For further information please call Ann Grant at 506-452-0020


What We Ask

In order to continually offer a clean and properly maintained banquet and reception facility we ask that you follow these simple steps.

Please do not:

  • Use glitter or confetti
  • Use needles or staples in ceilings
  • Use tape on the floors
  • Use staples or straight pins in tables
  • Use hay, leaves or natural Christmas trees.
  • Use two-sided tape; please use only scotch or masking tape.

***** Only alcohol purchased by the Capital Winter Club may be consumed at any time.

Decorating times can be provided. Please request/arrange an appointment with the Manager.

Please respect these requests to ensure no penalties are associated with the rental fee.

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