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    Proposed Changes for 2017/2018 CWC Little Rocks Season


    Over the course of the last 5 years the Little Rocks and Junior programs have grown to a point that we have more demand from potential curlers than availability of effective ice time, coaches and training.

    We have the largest Little Rocks program in the province, yet the training we are giving our young curlers is not at an adequate level as we need to have so many on one sheet at a time.  This results in curlers not getting the attention they need from the coaches.   To fix this problem we would like to move to a “3 stop” training program; physical literacy, strategy and on ice training.  To accommodate this, we are asking the Board of Governors to consider and implement the 3 following changes:

    - Officially move Little Rocks start time to 12:30 pm from 12:45pm. We made this change last year unofficially but would like to make it official this year.   We will not be on ice until 12:45. The time change is to accommodate off ice prep, warm up, information updates, etc…

    - Make the small room off the side of the kitchen into a class room. We would like to add to the room a strategy board and other materials that would allow us to use this room to work on strategy with our Little Rockers. Presently our Juniors meet outside the men’s locker-room; if we make this room more versatile with the addition of classroom materials, they may be able to move to this area.

    - To be able to conduct the physical literacy portion of the program we will need to use the upstairs portion of the club. We understand that rentals are the priority, but would like to use the upstairs when rentals are not using the area.

    With these changes, we hope to be able to offer our growing program better training and more one on one support.


    Jaime Watson

    Little Rocks Coordinator

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