Taking place the weekend of January 5th - 7th, CWC will play host to the 2nd annual Open Skins Spiel.  Games will commence on Friday, January 5th with draws at 5:00pm and 8:00pm.  Play continues on Saturday with draws at 8:00am, 11:00am, 2:30pm and 5:30pm.  On Sunday the final draws will take place at 9:00am and 12:00pm.  The Spiel will run under the traditional Skins Spiel format with each end of every game worth $$.  Teams have been divided into (2) divisions.


Jack Smeltzer      Kevin Keefe     Kathy Hicks     David Sullivan     Shelly Graham     Alex Peasley
Trevor Crouse      Scott Archibald     Alexa Washburn     Tom Rubec     Debbie McCann     Declan Johnston
Evan MacKnight      Steve Christie     Brenda Stirling     Ken Smith     Connie Nichol     James Larlee
Alex Gallant      Jared McGinn     Eleanor Murray     Bill Gaines     Jane McGinn     Anson Green


Chris Billings      Judy Ross     John Franklin     Herrick Hansen     Rod Aube     James Grattan
Jamie Brannen     Karen Craig-McAdam     Garth Christie     Andy Small     Don Carvell     Chris Jeffrey 
Andy LePage      Line Saulnier     Curtis Little     Merlin Tracy     Jordan Harris     Andy McCann
Rob Gillies      Claudette McAllister      Dave Keys      Curtis Hansen      Dave McCafferty      Peter Case 


Wayne Tallon      Rene Comeau     Alex Robichaud     Brian Mackin    
Brent Wishart      Carter Small     Alex Sutherland     Mark Hallett    
Chuck Kingston      Chris Wagner     Scott Hachey      
Phil LePage      Alex Kyle        John MacKinnon    



Friday @ 5:00pm      Grattan/Comeau     Ross/Hicks      MacKin/Sullivan      Tallon/Aube 
Friday @ 8:00pm      Franklin/Hansen     Robichaud/Smeltzer     Christie/Billings     Graham/Peasley
Saturday @ 8:00am      Sullivan/Hansen     Hicks/Graham     Aube/Christie     Comeau/Smeltzer
Saturday @ 11:00am      MacKin/Franklin     Ross/Peasley     Grattan/Robichaud     Tallon/Billings
Saturday @ 2:30pm      Smeltzer/Christie      Comeau/Aube     Sullivan/Hicks     Hansen/Graham
Saturday @ 5:30pm      Robichaud/Billings      Grattan/Tallon     Franklin/Peasley     MacKin/Ross
Sunday @ 9:00am      Grattan/Smeltzer     Comeau/Robichaud     MacKin/Hansen     Sullivan/Franklin
Sunday @ 12:00pm      Aube/Billings     Tallon/Christie     Ross/Graham     Hicks/Peasley


Rules for Skins Curling

The Skins format differs from regular curling in that a marker is awarded for each end won, with the value for each end increasing as the game progresses. An end is won if the team with the hammer scores two or more points or the opposing team steals the end with at least one point. If neither of these occur the marker is carried over to the next end and the total value at stake grows. This results in a very exciting offensive style of play where every end is like the final end of the game with teams going all out to win.

  1. Games will be eight ends with an extra end played if the 8th end is a tie.  No additional money will be in the pot for the extra end.
  2. A coin flip will determine the hammer and stone color. The team winning the coin flip can choose either:
    • (a) to throw first or second stone in the first end, or
    • (b) the rock color they wish to use
  3. In a skins game teams play to win the end, not to accumulate a total score. To win an end:
    • The team that has the hammer must score at least two points.
    • The team without the hammer must steal at least one point.
    If neither team wins the end, the end is blanked and the marker carries over until an end is won.
  4. To keep track of the end winners, hang a score marker (reverse side of the numbers) beside your color as if you scored 1 point. You didn't actually score one point, however you did win 1 end. After the game you will be paid your winnings based on which end numbers are listed beside your color.
  5. The hammer:
    • If a team wins the end, the hammer goes to the other team in the next end.
    • If no team wins the end, the hammer changes teams for the next end.
  6. The four-rock Free Guard Zone rule applies, as do all other standard curling rules



Each game will be worth $100.00.  Ends 1 - 3 will each be worth $8.00, ends 4 - 6 will be worth $12.00 and ends 7 - 8 will be worth $20.00.

At the conclusion of the Spiel, additional payouts will be made to the top 3 money winning teams in each division as follows:

1st Place Team -   $100.00
2nd Place Team -  $  60.00
3rd Place Team -   $ 40.00 




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