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    60 Years in business is a long time. With that thought in mind 10 members of the Capital Winter Club have found the perfect way to celebrate the Curling Clubs 60th Anniversary...they are going to try and break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Marathon Curling Game.

    The current record belongs to a group of curlers in Ontario. The record is 105 hours, 6 minutes and 51 Seconds. The Capital Winter Club team attempting to capture the new record consists of - Steven Burns, Chris Schnare, Chris Billings, Tyson Flinn, Wayne Tallon, Stephen Muzzerall, Kevin Larlee, Geoff Maybee, and Mike Jennings.

    In 1982 a group of Curlers from the Capital Winter Club curled for 73 hours and 54 minutes setting the world record on April 12. That group of Mike Doucette, Brian Douglas, Don Clark, Tony Doucette, Walter Bidlake, Ned Boyle, Mark Pitkin and Stan Sullivan are the inspiration behind this latest attempt.

    The idea came about one night while Chris Schnare and Steven Burns were curling. “Steven and I were on the ice playing Mixed Doubles, and I looked on the wall beside us. There is a sign recognizing a group of curlers that set the world record in 1982 for the Longest Curling game. I thought, we could do that! The record is 32 hours longer now but we want to curl for 48 hours longer than the 1982 record so it will be harder for anyone to break.” explains Chris Schnare one of the event organizers.

    The group would like to raise $1000 an hour with the money raised going to Youth Mental Health in the Greater Fredericton Area. “No one should ever have to wait to talk to someone when they need to, especially based on financial need, says Steven Burns, another of the event organizers. Hopefully the money we raise will help and bring some awareness to recourses for our youth.” If we can hit our target of 120 hours for this record we could raise $120,000.”

    The two teams will hit the ice at 6pm on Monday November 15th and wrap up at 6pm on Saturday November 20th. The Capital Winter Club’s 60th Anniversary Dinner will then start at 7:30pm that night and the hope is to be able to have the attempt confirmed at the dinner.

    “There is a list of rules 3 pages long sent to us by Guinness” explains Capital Winter Club Manager Jaime Watson. “We are going to need a large support staff for the two teams, but I know our membership will rise to the occasion. What they are attempting to do is amazing. The grueling time and physical commitment, but also the amount of money they want to raise for such an important cause, it just leaves me speechless! They definitely all have very big hearts.”

    2014 Canadian Senior Men’s World Champion Wayne Tallon, one of the curlers attempting to break the world record had a different opinion of the organizers when they approached him. “When Chris and Steven brought this idea forward and asked if I would be on the team I laughed, I thought they were kidding, I’m 65 years old. Curling for 120 hours is a long time, but it is an opportunity to do something really different. It will bring more eyes to curling, which is something I have really been focused on since I retired. Then they told me that our charity would be Youth Mental Health, how could I say no.” Tallon continues, “Plus the world record has bounced back and forth for the past 10 years between Canada and Scotland. The group that keeps beating the record in Scotland, curl out of the Ice Bowl in Dumfries, which is where I won my World Championship, so that adds a little sentimental value to this for me.”

    A website and Facebook page will be set up in the coming days and fundraising will begin soon. The attempt will be live streamed and people will be encouraged to come out and support the teams at the Capital Winter Club in November. “Hopefully people will come and cheer us on, I’m not sure how riveting the curling will be, but maybe that will be what’s entertaining!” laughed Burns.



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