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    Lorna Campbell - Time with my Daughter

    Lorna has curled both competitively and recreational at the Capital Winter Club for year. She has volunteered at National events chairing ticket sales at the Karcher Canadian Juniors, Canadian Mixed Doubles, Everest Curling Challange, USport and CCAA national. She ran the on ice portion of Little Rock’s for 3 years and still comes out and volunteers every year when we host the Provincial Little Rock’s Jamboree. With her long list of experiences the activity she enjoys most is playing and coaching her daughter Jenna.
    “I love that Curling is a sport you can play your whole life. I have curled for 20+ years and I have coached my daughter Jenna since she started in Little Rocks at age 6. I love coaching but it has been extra special to also play together this year.

    Junior curlers are so knowledgeable about the game, and she teaches me a thing or two each week! I have no doubt that she will reach every goal she has set for herself in this sport and I will support her any way I can – either as the Coach behind the glass or Mom in the stands.” #capitalwinterclubstories #curlingdayincanada

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    Luke Robichaud- First Curling Event
    Luke and his family have become fixtures at the Capital Winter Club. If Luke is not playing on the ice, he is volunteering or working as part of the COVID crew keeping rocks and the ice shed clean. It is sometime hard to remember that our juniors are so young.
    Luke shares with us the story of his first U15 provincials.
    “There are so many great memories that come to mind when I think about curling. One that really stands out is my first u15 Kenny Coates provincial event.
    It was my first overnight tournament; I was new to the traditions of competitive curling, and I had so much fun. It was definitely the moment that hooked me to the sport. Winning that same u15 championship 3 years later definitely made it come full circle.”
    We can’t wait to watch Luke win many more championships!

    #capitalwinterclubstories #curlingdayincanada

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    James Carr: Sandra Schmirler Day.
    Most at the Club know James as one of our juniors working to clean rocks and doing COVID screening at the main door. What you don’t know is that, on this Sandra Schmirler Day, Champions really do start small!
    James was born at 25 weeks 4 days weighing 1 lb 13 oz (854 g) his stay in the NICU lasted for almost three months. At 6 months James had to have heart surgery at the IWK hospital to repair a valve.
    Since then he has grown into a healthy 16 year old.
    He discovered his love for curling at age 9. He has been a part of some very successful teams winning NBs U15 provincials twice and several tournaments throughout his Little Rock and junior days.
    The support and care he received during his first stages of life is one of the reasons he is able to do what he loves.

    James gives back to the Capital Winter Club volunteering his time and practicing on the ice every minute he can. Curling Canada James Carr #sandraschmirler #capitalwinterclubstories #curlingdayincanada #ChampionsStartSmall

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    Jacques & Zachary Poitras - COVID Curling Story
    For the past 4 years Jacques Poitras has been coaching his son Zachary in our Little Rock’s and Junior Programs. When the NB provincial COVID phase is in orange curlers can play practice games with their 3 teammates and one other team of 4. This created a lot of team changes, but it created an opportunity for the Poitras!
    “One upside of the COVID restrictions at the club, and the new one-team-only orange rule, is that I was able to recruit my son Zachary to fill in on our team when we moved to Hard Rocks on Wednesday night.” Explains Jacque. #curlingdayincanada #capitalwinterclubstories

    Photo by Paul Bowman, broom by Jamie Brannen.

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    Katie Forward & Team Crawford’s 7 ender
    Katie Forward has been an active member of the Capital Winter Club for years. She has represented the club at the Scotties, Canadian Mixed Doubles, Canada Games and Canadian Juniors. She has coached in our Little Rock’s program and is always willing to come out and help our Youth Development Program.
    Last year at the Scotties Team NB, our very own Andrea Crawford, Jillian Babin, and Katie together with then teammate Jennifer Armstrong got a 7 ender.
    Katie said “ I will definitely always remember this moment and the support of the crowd. Truly surreal”.
    Not sure anyone in NB will ever forget that shot either!

    #Curlingdayincanada #CapitalWinterClubStories


    The Butts Family
    We come from a long line of curling! I grew up close to (basically at) the rink in the small town of Bridgewater NS. Watching my grandparents curl, as well as my parents, I fell in love with the sport.
    My mother coached me at a young age, and I started coaching my kids last September at the ages of 4 and 6. After a 20 year break, since returning and playing over these last 4 years, playing 2-3 nights a week, I fell in love with the CWC community.
    Even though Covid has stopped many people from enjoying the sports they love, I have been able to keep playing with my whole family. We love coming here and seeing the welcoming, friendly faces makes us so happy to be a member.

    My husband signed up in January and we play once a week with 2 other members. Good friends that i’ve played with for 4 years. We have had the pleasure to play against and learn from some amazing people, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to keep playing the sport I love. #curlingdayincanada #CapitalWinterClubStories

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    Frank Armstrong - A Warm Welcome
    It all started on a crisp fall day back in 1994. I had decided to check out the curling clubs in Fredericton to see if this might be something I would like to do.
    When I walked in the door a fine gentleman by the name of Allen Garcelon noticed me. He walked over and shook my hand and welcomed me to CWC. We had a great conversation about the club and why he loved being a member.
    That was it, I was so impressed by the welcome that I received I signed up a couple days later and 27 years later I’m still here.
    Because of the welcoming I experienced and the fun and friendships that grew over that first season I felt I had to give something back to the club.
    Since then I have been President twice, have held a number of different board positions and have been the CWC ice chair for a number of years plus working on the club renovations projects over the last number of years.
    Besides the unbelievable friendships that have grown over the years and the amazing fun I have every time I step onto the ice to curl, I also loved that I was chosen by the club to chair the McCain TSN Skins Game in 2000 which was an awesome event for the club.
    All of this stemmed from that first welcoming gesture when I walked into CWC and the fact that we still have this welcoming attitude is the reason I love CWC. #capitalwinterclubstories #curlingdayincanada
    Wil Robertson- Curling as a Safe Space
    Our Little Rock’s parents might know Wil as an emcee at the Ice Halo Little Rock’s Jamboree hosted annually at Curl Moncton. Other might know him from listening to him as he volunteers as a livestream commentator, or as the ice man on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
    Others know Wil as a junior, curling competitively, earning 4 silver medals at provincials and represented NB at the 2019 U18 Nationals. In 2019, he was named 1 of 10 recipients of the For the Love of Curling Scholarship out of hundred of applications. Wil’s achievements are endless, and he is only 20.
    “None of my achievements would be possible without what the curling community has given me.
    In my few years here, I have faced immense personal challenges. Through it all, what has brought me success, and joy, is curling. Particularly during COVID-19. From the Board, to Jaime, to my coworkers at the CWC, and the juniors “Moms committee” (you know who you are), the Capital Winter Club has helped me through the most difficult period of my life to date.
    While I haven’t seen my family in months, and have hardly seen them this academic year, I know I have a family at the CWC. For me, that’s what curling is about. Community, compassion, and teamwork. When I walk in the club, or step on that pebbled ice, the weight of life’s stresses is lifted from my shoulders. That’s thanks to the curling community.
    So, on Curling Day in Canada, I say thank you to this community and sport that has given, and continues to give me so much.” #capitalwinterclubstories #curlingdayincanada
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    Lauren Price - Curling Sisters
    Lauren Price started curling when she was 8 years old as a Sunday afternoon activity She immediately fell in love with the sport and it became her passion. She has grown up at the CWC and has spent much of her youth on the ice and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
    She has volunteered at National events, been a flag bearer for numerous events, and part of a U15 provincial championship team. As parents, we are always proud of her. Her younger sister has been watching her curl for as long as she can remember. Allison couldn’t wait to follow in her big sister’s foot steps. At age 5, she is one of the youngest curlers at the CWC, and is so excited to be coached by her big sister.
    When Lauren isn’t coaching her sister or practicing with her own team, or playing in mixed league, she loves to pay it forward and is co-coaching a Junior Team 3 days a week. #capitalwinterclubstories #curlingdayincanada 
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    Michael Schroeder - More that a Sport
    Michael is one of those guys that we know we can call and he will always be there to help when we need it. He helps with the ice install every year and always volunteers at any events the Club hosts. He is the first to welcome a new member at the Club. Like so many, curling is not just a sport to Mike, it is about so much more.
    “A few years ago I came to the CWC to take up curling after a break of about 20 years.
    I always remember my first night back because the first person I met was Brian Mackin. Brian was so welcoming. He was one of those people that they would say is larger than life.
    Having epilepsy has limited me to taking part in fewer activities than what I was used too years ago. Because of this I also struggle with depression as I am sure that many other people we know do. By going to the club and being with so many wonderful people every week is such a great feeling.
    It is truly amazing that we are able to curl this season but it doesn't surprise me because of the effort our club has made for us to play the sport we all love so much. In fact for a lot of us curling is a way of life and not just the best sport in the world.
    Finally, knowing that there are others in our club with special challenges in life means the day that you curl is the best day of the week.”
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    Kathy Hicks - 2017 Seniors Championship
    In February of 2017, our Senior Ladies team representing CWC swept our way to victory at the NB Championship! This was literally what happened on my last shot as we needed the draw for the win. It was a team effort by Alexa Washburn, Brenda Stirling, Eleanor Murray, and Coach Shawn Stubbert. We had worked hard over several years to make this dream come true. That’s what curling is all about….team spirit, dedication and hard work.
    We were so proud to represent CWC and even prouder to be able to play Nationals in front of our hometown fans. When we were piped in at the Willie O’Ree Centre it was such a thrill to have our family, friends and CWC fans cheering for us! I think all of us shed a few tears as we were led in to the arena. The week was amazing, filled with great curling, meeting fellow curlers and enjoying the whole atmosphere of being at a National event.
    We had some great games and made it to the playoff round. It was a week we will always remember, not only for the curling but all the support we received from the curling community. Curling is not just about the game its also about the bonds and friendships we make with our team and fellow curlers, and the great memories that we will cherish forever! #curlingdayincanada #Capitalwinterclubstories
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    Jake Thomas - The Jake Thomas Celebrity Curling Classic
    Jake Thomas has been a member at the Capital Winter Club for two years. Other than curling Jake has a fondness for football, and is a defensive tackle for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The team won the 2019 Grey Cup and Jake was selected by his team and the CFL to be the player handed the Cup first. This selection was a testament to the amazing man Jake is. As the longest serving member of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Jake has work in the Community in both Winnipeg and Fredericton. Jake was the recipient of the Ed Kotowick, Community Leadership Award and in the same year was selected as Athlete of the year by Fredericton Sports Investment, and the Fredericton Sports Wall of Fame.
    Jake gives back to the Fredericton Community in a number of different ways, but the Jake Thomas Celebrity Curling Classic has left a lasting impact on the Capital Winter Club and has raised over $50,000 for minor football and Youth Curling.
    Jake is just about one of the nicest people you can meet and we are so fortunate to have him as a member. We can’t wait to watch him in the Grey Cup in 2021!
    “I always wanted to give back to Fredericton Community and never really thought of a curling event, you always see stuff like golf tournaments. But through emails with Jaime Watson the Jake Thomas Celbrity Curling Classic was born, and it sounded like something I would be proud to put my name on.
    I don’t think we knew what it would become or how it would do, especially since I and most of my connections in the area were not curlers. We could have never forecasted how well it would have ended up doing, and how many new curling members it would bring to the club.
    I am happily enjoying my second year as a member of The Capital Winter Club and truly enjoy my Thursday Night Men’s league.
    Big Thanks to everyone that has helped me in the curling community, and a special shout-out to Wayne Tallon and Ryan Cain for all the tips.”
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    David McCafferty- Being President in a Year of Covid
    It was just a little over a year ago that the word “Covid” was something that most of us had not even heard before but now the reality of this pandemic has set in and has become a huge part of our past, our present and I expect our future for an indefinite period.
    Serving as the President of CWC this season has truly been an honor and a privilege, and I want to sincerely thank the Board of Directors and Staff for their support and commitment to the Club. Going into my term of office as President back in June/2020, I had no idea what the season might bring. Not even knowing if our doors would open was a real possibility but thanks to Jaime, it has been “almost” a normal curling season at the Club with some obvious exceptions along the way as we moved through the different phases of Covid restrictions.
    Several Clubs in the Province and across the Country either did not open at all or opened for only a short period of time and to those Clubs my heart goes out to you and I hope there is no long-term effect of lost members to the Curling community across Canada.

    To our over 500 Members which has included almost 100 brand new members to CWC, thank you for your understanding and patience and fingers crossed, curling will almost be back to normal when we lace up our curling shoes and bring our brooms out of hibernation in the fall of 2021.

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    Wayne Tallon - Giving Back
    6 years ago, I had the opportunity to work with the City of Fredericton’s sport tourism department to bring the New Brunswick Little Rock Jamboree and host it at the Willie ORee Place a twin pad arena. This was the first time a U12 provincial event was being held on arena ice.
    We dressed the place up in the same fashion as Curling Canada does for the Brier and Scotties. Carpet, bunting, flowers, sponsorship boards, custom made score boards and even the water dispensing coolers. 86 teams registered from across the province. The athletes were paraded onto the ice, bagpipes and all. We assigned past provincial champions to each club that was represented, the same as junior stars do for the teams at the Brier and Scotties. The look of excitement and amazement on those young athletes faces that morning would forever change my curling path.
    Having won 14 provincial championships, including a Brier runner-up, one Gold, two Silver and one bronze at senior men’s nationals and a Gold medal at the 2014 World Seniors Championship, all I wanted to do is give back to curling what curling had given to me. Until that moment I thought giving back would be to raise money for the Capital Winter club to renovate an aging facility and help with managing the projects. Although doing that remains a priority my passion changed that day. I started thinking that maybe coaching these young athletes, help rebuild the Youth Development Program and pass on the knowledge I had gained and experienced during my curling career would be even more important. So, I set out to volunteer my services to the board of directors of the CWC as the Youth Development Coordinator. I wanted to build a program so those kids would not only one day be walking out onto the ice at a Brier or Scotties but be on the podium. Yet I wanted the program to be built in a way that would also teach the non competitive curlers to play at a level that they could enjoy the sport recreationally for the rest of their lives.

    Of all my accomplishments watching our Youth Development program numbers double in two years to 136 athletes, and retaining them is one of my proudest moments. #curlingdayincanada #capitalwinterclubstories

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