Dear CWC Members

As we prepare for the exciting season ahead, I feel my first duty is to look back and sincerely thank the many individuals responsible for a very successful past year at CWC.  First, our own Ann Grant along with Don and Birt as we all know contribute countless hours each year in an effort to keep us one of the most successful curling clubs in Atlantic Canada.  Secondly, under the leadership of President Wayne Tallon and his Board of Directors, our club experienced its most financially successful in many years.  Not to be overlooked of course, our considerable number of volunteers at every level have been invaluable in our clubs continued success.  Special thanks to Isabelle Yeamens and her team of volunteers.  Isabelle leaves her post as head of kitchen volunteer team co-ordinator after many years of CWC service.  Also, many thanks to Chuck Kingston for his numerous hours of volunteer legal work for our club.

The year ahead promises to be a busy one with several initiatives coming to fruition.  We are expecting our new rocks in late February or early March, just in time for our hosting of the Everest 2017 National Seniors Curling Championships at CWC and Willie O"Ree Place.  The organizing committee under Wayne Tallon has been assembled and now we look to our club members to step forward nd assume volunteer roles to insure its success.  

A new CWC website is currently being set up and Dave McCafferty has taken on the responsibility of keeping it updated with our club events, news, league schedules and more - Thanks Dave.

As our club embarks on its 56th year of operation, we can proudly reflect on the fact that all of our members, past and present, have worked diligently to make our club what it is today - Successful, Welcoming & Vibrant.

The future is never certain and to this end we have established committees to examine the many aspects of our club.  Short and long term needs and ultimately our futures path is being addressed in the form of a Long Range Planning Advisory Committee under the leadership of Tony Gibson.  As well, our current Board of Directors has been meeting periodically over the summer to prepare for the upcoming 2016-17 season and to discuss new ideas that might further strengthen our financial position.

At this time, I sadly take this opportunity to bid farewell to two long time, highly respected members of our club.  Lawrence Swazey and Laurie Menzies represented what is best about our club and our entire membership will miss them.

In closing, your Board of Directors strongly urge all members to take as active a role in our club as possible.  We can always improve and we respectfully welcome your suggestions, comments abnd volunteer time.  To each member, I wish for you a Happy, Healthy and Exciting curling season.




Mike Flannery, President

Upcoming Events

10 Oct 2017 : 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Opening Clinics
11 Oct 2017 : 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Opening Clinics
12 Oct 2017 : 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Opening Clinics
13 Oct 2017 : 12:00AM
Cash Spiel
17 Oct 2017 : 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Opening Fun Spiel